Let me show a partners hosting here

Well, you know, we do provide hosting for multiple sites, here is an first impression of the MidiArchive (that was kindly provided from me to a friend).

Well, first of all, he did comeup with some stupid html page, that I did host for quite some time. Problem with this site was, that he had to upload everything of the HTML again after he posted something. Problem fixer in 2018 then was to setup all of this again in WordPress and show him the “Post” function that I am using like in this post here.

Overall his page has spezialized in downloading Midi and Sheet files for learning piano and just enjoy some real nice Soundfont generated songs!

you can visit it Here


As you may have noticed, the short downtime today, we added IPv6 to our main webnodes. So Cloudflare can pick the protocoll type for faster access if needed.


Image Source: https://pixabay.com/de/photos/cyberspace-daten-draht-2784907/