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any kind of Blog, Website, Singlepager, Portfolio… and more.

What is this? Simply a page for hosting Blogs/Websites and Email. But we are mostly active in the Anime-Community. We are hosting for hobbyist-painters, cosplayers, Ani-Tubers… and most of this completely for free.

How can we afford this? … Yeah little problem here, we heavily rely on donations and some small ad-revenues.
I may have not said this before, but this project is just a hobby of mine too. (I am also hosting several other pages which can be found at


If you want to get in contact with me, then just contact me via: Email, Twitter, Discord, Telegram


for the ones that didnt know

Currently we are running about 57 pages, known under the name of hosting from currently most of them are uploading so heavily that we need to expand soon to more than 20TB of space. So if you enjoy what we do, please realy consider a donation.